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Breaking the Mould
Keeping a roof clean.
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Render cleaning

Greening render : 
Why and how to control it.

In the past 3 decades or so self finished renders became popular among architects. There are good reasons for this, both architectural and practical. For the designer, new finishes difficult to obtain with paint were offered.  Smooth, textured, with mica sparkles or colour pebbles. They are low maintenance too. Every now and again cleaned, but never painted again. On site, no more curing time before finishing the building. It suits modern building constraints.

Breaking the Mould

Breaking the Mould   

      Mould is easier to clean than the soot of old, but with the return of clean air, nature has reclaimed ground in a way not always foreseen. Problems sometimes arise when a building does not receive its full share of sun. In other places there are not enough sunny days in a year to stop deleterious growth. The issue does not affect all materials in the same way. Most roofing materials will someday need cleaning, but not all, and not at the same intervals.

Keeping a roof clean.

Keeping a roof clean 
By F. Moal 

When looking at an ageing building, few people cast a critical eye at the state of the roof. The windows are clean, the garden tidy and the interior spotless, but the roof is almost invariably unkempt. Black moulds hide it's colour and moss slowly mats itself in the bonds, so slowly that few take notice. 

The encroachment of grime and moss has it's effects :  Beyond the architectural downgrade the fabric of the building is at risk. Doing nothing is ultimately the expensive option.

Soft Wash wall cleaning

Hi Folks,

Just a quick one today on something that we are coming across a quite a bit lately.

Wall Cleaning.. 

Walls, roughcast renders and pebble dash treatment. 

The extensive use of rough cast renders and pebble dash on walls has led to the development of appropriate cleaning techniques. 
Coloured renders or Monochouche as it’s also known was particularly popular during the most recent building boom here in Ireland.  
Although the new build industry has all but gone these types of plastering finishes are appearing more and more as services such as External Insulation continue to grow.

Soft wash exterior cleaning


Welcome to my web page softwashcleaning.ie and to my first blog post. 
I hope to add a post here regularly, and my main aim is to show and explain the service we provide and hopefully help people to make educated decisions when it comes to the exterior maintenance of there home, business premises or local authority surroundings.

First of all a little about us.
We began in 2011 our first business, HD Roofing Services, one of our principal services involved the cleaning of roof surfaces using a product know as Algoclear.