HD Cleaning Services - Specialist Exterior Soft Wash Cleaning

Frequently asked questions:

Why is there noticeably more moss growth on roofs nowadays than in the past?

The answer to this is simple- cleaner air! Over the past number of years governments have worked hard to reduce their carbon foot prints and in doing so have made the air we breathe cleaner. The evidence of this can be seen on roofs and other exterior surfaces throughout the country by the increasing growth of moss and algae. In the past the pollutants present in the air acted as a killer to these organisms and prevented their growth in many areas.

Will my guttering and down pipes become blocked after roof treatment?

No. We remove all or up to 90% of the growth by hand first. Any remaining growths that later die and fall away are so small that they will wash safely through any guttering and down pipe system with out blockage. In fact, gutter cleaning will become a task you needn't worry about for a long time after!

How much does it cost?

There is no set price for our exterior cleaning service. Every surface we clean differs in some way, the labour involved in moss removal, accessibility, amount of product needed to name a few. We do though offer a free consultation and pricing with absolutely no obligation or hard selling. By sending us your address or Eircode via the contact us page, we can provide you with a same day quote or estimate.
What strength pressure washer do you use?
We do not use any type of pressure washing equipment when cleaning roofs, dashed walls or render surfaces. Very seldom might we use a small pressure washer on other surfaces like tarmac or concrete put this depends on the condition and level of contamination. A typical medium sized electric pressure washer delivers around 1500-2000 psi, your more powerful petrol or diesel washers can range to anything from 2000-10,000 psi for an average sized machine.Our spray box works at a max pressure of 50 psi, that's less than a typical garden hose!

How long will it last?

This is a tough one but I'll give it a go...
Again this differs from surface to surface. The product we use will continue to clean the surface for a period of up to two years, after which contamination will return but at a rate that depends on a number of factors. Surrounding area, weather conditions, type of surface etc... 
A general rule of thumb we would use for roof cleaning say, is to take the age of a building, estimate the number of years moss growth has been an issue and subtract one from the other then add two.
Example. A 10 yr old house has had a moss issue for 4 yrs.
10 - 4 =6 plus 2 yrs cleansing period = 8 
(estimated time it would take for moss to become an issue again is 8 years.) Told you it was tough (",)

If these didn't answer your questions or there's anything else you'd like to know feel free to contact us on any of the numbers listed and we'll be more than happy to answer them for you.